Horizon 2020 and MentorPitch

MentorPitch, a global mentoring platform for universities and companies, has won EU Horizon 2020 funding for its innovative online mentoring platform which captures outcome intelligence for mentoring programmes.

MentorPitch is the home of mentog and offers structured online mentoring for businesses, universities and organisations. The company offers cloud-based mentoring plans to manage both open and private mentoring programmes. MentorPitch structures mentoring communications and it is instantly searchable, measurable and mobile.

Businesses and universities benefit from the outcome intelligence MentorPitch generates from mentoring relationships in a private mentoring group.

Three out of four Fortune 500 companies have formal mentoring schemes in place. CEO Gerard Kiely said: “Businesses see mentoring as crucial to talent management and development, particularly in the highly skilled career areas. However, of the small number of companies who have a system in place to match mentors and mentees even fewer capture outcomes.”

“For universities, MentorPitch enables career and alumni services to work together – adding huge institutional value overall. Without MentorPitch formal mentoring programmes can impose an administration burden with little or no way of measuring success. MentorPitch is stepping into this space to ensure people feel supported through the mentoring process and mentor/mentee experience,” he said.

MentorPitch, built on real mentorship management experience, was the first company to provide structured mentoring with real outcome intelligence. Focused predominantly around skills, MentorPitch’s outcome intelligence uses insights from both mentor and mentee to establish that the mentee has gone from X to Y in a particular skill area over the course of the mentoring relationship. These measurements are seamlessly built into MentorPitch’s application, with ease of use similar to communicating on a social network.

MentorPitch with offices in Drogheda, Louth and NDRC, Dublin is led by CEO and Founder Gerard Kiely and a strong management team with international software, corporate and university mentoring experience.

Horizon 2020 is the financial instrument implementing the Innovation Union, a Europe 2020 flagship initiative aimed at securing Europe’s global competitiveness and provides up to €2.5 million in funding for business.