Inviting people to your domain

Invite people to your domain and build mentoring activity through the invite people functionality. MentorPitch makes it easy to add many emails at the same time using the “invite people” page. MentorPitch automatically sends the personal invitations from your MentorPitch account.

Invite many people

You can also simply send the url of your domain to your existing network.

When introducing mentees and mentors to MentorPitch, managers should ensure that they emphasise how simple and easy to use the MentorPitch platform is, and that it will help to streamline and improve the mentoring experience for users. Managers should introduce mentors and mentees to MentorPitch’s Getting Started Guide for Mentors and Mentees, which will help users in their introduction to using the platform.


Once a new members signs up they can request to join any groups you have created in your domain. By default they will send a join request to the master group. Your mentors and mentees can join as many groups as they want but the manager at all times controls who is accepted into a group. When a member is accepted into a group they can begin the process of finding a mentor.


A mentee can send mentorship requests to any of the mentors in a  group that they share membership with. It is up to the mentor if they wish to begin a mentorship with that person by accepting or declining a request. Alternatively, mentorship managers can have a more direct effect on the commencement of mentorships in their groups. Managers can recommend matches, which will send a notification and email to both parties recommending the mentoring relationship. Also, managers can create mentorships automatically by clicking this option in matching solutions which is found in the group leadership area. Before creating mentorships, it is recommended that managers view the profiles of the mentors and mentees paying attention to the areas to develop and areas of expertise of the group members.

Meetings and momentum

Most mentoring programs will have a minimum number of meetings in which they expect mentors and mentees to interact with each other. Using MentorPitch’s Outcome Intelligence, managers can view the number of meetings that have taken place in the connections area of mentoring outcomes. The mentoring manager can also view the ratings and feedback from these meetings. If a manager observes that a mentorship has not had a meeting, they can send a direct message to the mentor and mentee, encouraging them to have their first meeting. This is a great way for managers to encourage activity in their groups.

MentorPitch sends automated messages by default to users to create a meeting and checks for inactivity in projects, activities and meetings over the course of the mentoring cycle. This is crucial for keeping up the momentum of the group. The manager will often send group messages to the members to highlight important elements of their individual program such as meetings, engagement, communications and activities.

Activities and Projects

Managers can encourage mentees to share a presentation or piece of work with their mentor using the projects area of mentorship. Mentors can provide feedback to mentees on any project or activity created in their mentorship. Similar to meetings, managers can view the activities and projects that have taken place in mentorship and encourage mentors and mentees when there is a lack of activity in these areas. This is found in theconnections area of mentoring outcomes.