Three out of four Fortune 500 companies have formal mentoring schemes in place.

Businesses see corporate mentoring programs as crucial to employee engagement, talent management and development, particularly in the highly skilled career areas. However, of the small number of companies who have a system in place to match mentors and mentees even fewer capture outcomes.

According to a Corporate Executive Board survey in the US, over a quarter of America’s medium to large sized businesses host peer-mentoring programs (Rouen, 2012).

Companies with recent recruits find that they acclimate more quickly to the business culture and work processes which leads to increased productivity early-on and return on recruiting investment.

Corporate workplace mentoring programs can lower employee turnover and help identify high-potential talent coming through in the organization. The MentorPitch mentoring platorm allows companies to expand mentoring programs beyond one office location. It uses structured communications through text and video to facilitate one-to-one mentoring and peer mentoring. This allows the mentee to learn from the mentor’s insights and experience regardless of physical location. Cross-location and even international mentoring gives an organization greater access to the talent of all its employees with more detailed matching and specific mentoring outcomes.

HR and talent development managers can segment mentoring programs on MentorPitch platform using mentoring domains and groups.

MentorPitch is the easy and structured way to manage mentoring and powers some of the world’s leading corporate mentoring programs.

MentorPitch compiles mentoring Outcome Intelligence™ which includes metrics on each individual mentoring relationship and total programme outcomes. This can be extremely valuable for reporting and talent management purposes.

MentorPitch captures crucial data relevant to mentoring such as key mentoring communications, collaborations, outcome reports and group mentoring analytics. The platform is designed so your organization can engage, develop and advance. MentorPitch integrates with LinkedIn, Dropbox, Google,, Outlook, iCalendar and SoundCloud. Your mentors and mentees can meet online using our technology or meet in-person and record outcomes on the platform.

Develop a mentoring domain for your mentoring groups with one of our plans. Select the mentoring plan that best fits your mentoring requirements.